Client alerts, bylined articles, and

all other high-quality marketing materials
written and distributed by attorneys are:

  • Vital for building a successful legal practice

  • Non-billable

  • Something only the attorneys themselves can do well

Attorneys and their in-house marketing and business development colleagues know the role that high-quality, sophisticated marketing materials such as client alerts and bylined articles play in building and maintaining a successful legal practice.

They are also painfully aware that every minute an attorney spends researching and writing these marketing materials is another minute the attorney is not billing a client.

For that reason, many law firms and their attorneys produce a fraction of the marketing materials they need in order to stay competitive in a crowded marketplace.

It's a common problem for most law firms. But we have the solution: Us.


We provide ghostwriting services that produce the high-end marketing content that attorneys would produce themselves if they had the time to do so—and the ability to write about legal concepts in a style that actually engages readers.

Led by a former BigLaw attorney, our editorial process is designed to provide attorneys with high-quality marketing content written in their names but without those attorneys investing much time in the process.


Attorneys frequently allow colleagues to draft legal papers and communications that will eventually go out with those attorneys' names on them.


We believe attorneys should allow others to draft their bylined articles, client alerts, substantive blog posts, and every other piece of high-end marketing content in between as well.

Here's a partial list of the topics we've covered to-date for law firms and legal service providers:


And, of course, writing samples are available upon request.


  miss easy opportunities to further market themselves and grow their books of business.

Associates miss opportunities to begin establishing their own personal marketing and business development campaigns necessary to develop a book of business.


And in-house marketing and business development teams feel like their firms are falling behind their competitors who are publishing content regularly.


 unable to see their marketing plans  one step behind  unable to develop marketing momentym  frustrated when campaigns  themselves as 


So they never produce as as mareketing And they , writing, publishing, and distributing 



Ghostwriting ideas




Calculator: show revenues that you are missing


Your attorneys but other attorneys write their legal papers why aren't you letting other attorneys rate your market


Written for prospective clients and referral sources, NOT Google


CMO concerns (in order?) 

  • quality

  • allows marketing to get done

  • allows attorneys to stay billable


Two offerings

  • Branded

  • White-labeled for local PR firms


“You’ve been told a lie about marketing. That YOU have to be the one to do it."

What is something that all attorneys and their in-house marketing teams know those attornLawyers and law firms who are active and effective marketers are the lawyers and law firms who are never at a loss for client matters or revenue.


That is an enviable position to be in. We strive to put our clients in that position.

We help our clients generate revenue and bring new client matters in the door by developing ethical and proactive marketing strategies and tactics that are designed to actually generate revenue and bring new client matters in the door. Most of the time, those strategies and tactics will be directed toward current clients, prospective clients, referral sources, members of the media, and other drivers of new business for our clients.

We build our marketing programs around finding and engaging our clients' ideal clients and referral sourcesThe exact mix of strategies and tactics we deploy for our clients will vary depending on the nature of their practices and their firms. However, we tend to focus on strategies and tactics that allow our clients to build authority and credibility with audiences who will drive new business for them. Such strategies and tactics include:


  •  Written content (including press releases, newsletters, website content, eBooks/free guides, bylined articles, and infographics) 

  • Speaking engagements (including CLEs for other lawyers, and information presentations to prospective clients)

  • Media relations (including publicizing newsworthy developments at a law firm or with its matters)

  • Video content

  • Social media marketing

  • Direct response marketing

  • Relationship marketing with current clients (to ensure they have a "world class" experience while they are clients so that they become referral sources)

  • Relationship marketing with current and prospective referral sources

  • Award submissions (although we don't urge our clients to do so because we have serious doubts about the effectiveness of such efforts)

Having been founded by a lawyer with a public relations and marketing background, we pride ourselves on employing marketing fundamentals that have stood the test of time, while ignoring trends that are neither appropriate nor effective for lawyers and law firms.

Ready to tell your client's side of the story (or yours)?


Things move fast in the Court of Public Opinion. 

Don't waste another second.

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