How we engage the Court of Public Opinion

We counsel lawyers and their clients throughout the life of a legal dispute, or at any given phase of the dispute: from the early stages of an internal investigation through informal resolution, arbitration, mediation, pleadings, dispositive motions, discovery, pre-trial, trial, verdict, appeal, and of course, settlement. 

For each filing, hearing, "hot document," deposition, trial day, legal maneuver, or other development in a court of law, we help parties take advantage of that development (or mitigate the damage from it) in the Court of Public Opinion.

When we help a party make its case in the Court of Public Opinion, we may utilize any number of tools and tactics. The most common ones are below. Because every legal dispute is unique, so too will be the mix of tools and tactics we employ.

Audience Analysis

Successful advocacy requires an understanding of who should, and will, be on the receiving end of the communications. We identify the audiences that must be persuaded, and uncover what these audiences must hear from a party involved in a legal dispute to ensure continuing positive and productive relationships during and after the dispute.

Key Message

Credible and persuasive narratives are the lifeblood of effective advocacy. Combining our Audience Analysis with an analysis of the key factual, legal, and political issues at play, we develop messaging and narratives that serve as the foundation for communications to key audiences. On top of that foundation, we add additional messaging targeted to specific audiences that speaks to their needs, wants, and concerns.

Outcome Planning
and Preparation

Each stage of litigation brings with it a number of potential outcomes. We map out likely—and unlikely—outcomes and develop messaging that explains what those outcomes mean for parties and their key audiences.

Third Party

Sometimes we can all use a little help from our friends. Engaging third parties who share our views on certain issues helps to produce authentic and credible endorsements, and to mobilize those supporters, resulting in grassroots support for our client.

Rapid Response and
Dynamic Planning

Litigation is unpredictable and often full of surprises. When important developments arise, we are there to manage the effects of resulting twists and turns on a party's reputation and relationships. We are nimble and well-prepared to revamp our strategies as needed when called for by new developments.

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