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Media-savvy lawyers get better results for their clients—and have more clients—because of their heightened visibility.

However, there is a "right" way for lawyers to talk to reporters.


Our FREE guide will show you how.

When lawyers ethically, strategically, and proactively engage the media concerning their clients' active matters, both the lawyers and their clients benefit.

Unfortunately, lawyers often make a number of common mistakes when talking to reporters. Mistakes that reduce the persuasiveness—and thus, the effectiveness—of their media outreach.

Our free guide reveals ten routine mistakes lawyers often make when they talk to reporters, including:

 Talking in "legalese"

 Failing to shape the narrative of a lawsuit

 Focusing on their feelings about a development in a lawsuit instead of its impact

Our free guide can help you resolve your clients' cases more favorably by walking you through strategies for persuasively advocating for your clients in the Court of Public Opinion.


Discover how to build your practice representing clients in high-profile, newsworthy legal matters.

I want to read the free guide!

This guide is authored by Copo Strategies.


Copo Strategies is a national legal services and communications firm that helps lawyers and their clients ethically, strategically, and proactively manage media interest and public interest in those clients' legal disputes. Copo Strategies also helps lawyers tell their stories to prospective clients, referral sources, and the media.

Founded by a lawyer with a public relations background who has litigated high-profile, high-stakes legal disputes, the services and counsel provided by Copo Strategies uniquely incorporate legal strategy, media strategy, ethics compliance, and defamation avoidance.

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