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What to Say When a Reporter Calls—EACH AND EVERY TIME

You already know that you can help resolve your clients' cases favorably AND build your practice by ethically and strategically engaging the media and the public regarding your clients' cases.


But what happens when a reporter calls you out of the blue to discuss one of your cases or to talk to you about a case in the news?

Will you be ready to speak with that reporter at THAT very moment, no matter what you are doing, and with no prior planning?

Of course you will. Because you would have already downloaded our What to Say When a Reporter Calls infographic.


It provides attorneys with the FIVE THINGS to say to a reporter WHENEVER a reporter calls out of the blue regarding ANY topic!


This infographic will help you provide thoughtful responses to cold-calling reporters and, at the same time, help you begin building long-term relationships with those reporters.

I'd like a copy, please!

What to say to reporters when they call

This infographic was created by Copo Strategies.


Copo Strategies is a national legal services and communications firm that helps attorneys and their clients ethically, strategically, and proactively manage media interest and public interest in those clients' legal disputes. Copo Strategies also helps attorneys tell their stories to prospective clients, referral sources, and the media.

Founded by an attorney with a public relations background who has litigated high-profile, high-stakes legal disputes, the services and counsel provided by Copo Strategies uniquely incorporate legal strategy, media strategy, ethics compliance, and defamation avoidance.

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