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Our founder, Wayne Pollock, has published more than two dozen columns for Law360 and The Legal Intelligencer/Pennsylvania Law Weekly about best practices for litigating in the Court of Public Opinion and for crafting relevant, valuable, and compelling marketing and business development/sales content, including thought leadership content.

We hope you find these columns insightful.

Attorneys Will Need to Defend Themselves if a Client Draws Public Scrutiny

Be Sure to Play 'Show and Tell' With Your Law Firm's Online Newsroom


Don’t Be Like Mike (Avenatti): Idle Your Threats of Negative Publicity

Don't Do These 5 Things When A Reporter Calls Seeking Comment


Expanding or Pivoting Your Practice? Do It by Calling Your Shot Like Babe Ruth

Five Reasons to Curate Thought Leadership Content When You’re Too Busy to Produce It Yourself


Five Ways Thought Leadership Can Be a Talent Magnet for Your Firm

For Lawyers, the Cease and Desist Letter is the New Press Release

Four Trends for Engaging the Court of Public Opinion in 2020

How Bylined Articles Can Fit Into Your Marketing/Business Development Efforts

How Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Level the Playing Field When It Comes to the Media


Give Your Law Firm’s Executives a Thought Leadership Platform

In the Court of Public Opinion, Settlement Negotiations are Always Admissible

Is Your Thought Leadership Chasing Eyeballs or Hearts and Minds?

It's Time for Corporate Law Firms to Develop Their Metaverse Content Marketing Plans

It's Time You Invest in Lighting and a Microphone for When You're on Camera

Policy of Not Commenting on Pending Litigation is Misguided

Prioritize Frequency Over Caliber in Your Law Firm's Content Marketing Program

Public Statements About Ongoing Litigation Can Lead to Defamation Claims

Response to Negative Publicity Provides Blueprint for Other Law Firms

Scarlett O'Hara, Michael Corleone, the Titanic, and Your Firm's Marketing

Seven New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Thought-Leadership Marketing Content

Six Ways Content Can Supercharge Your Law Firm's Recruiting Efforts

Ten Things I Hate About Statements to the Media About Ongoing Litigation

The Curious Case of the Tongue-Tied Law Firm

The Lesson 2,886 Newspapers Can Teach Law Firms About Their Marketing Efforts

The Six Habits of Highly Effective Law Firm Thought-Leadership Content

These Mistakes Are Keeping Your Firm's Newsletter from Being a Moneymaker

This Facebook Public Relations Tactic Is Gaining Popularity with Attorneys, Clients

This Is Your Secret Weapon for Cross-Selling Your Law Firm’s Services

Three Reasons To Embrace Jargon In Legal Marketing Content

Three Steps to Writing Case Studies That Compel Clients to Hire Your Law Firm


Use This Framework for Integrating AI Into Your Thought Leadership Content Process

What Does Your Law Firm Stand For? Roughly Two-Thirds of Your Clients Want to Know

Your Firm Should Go All In On Thought-Leadership Marketing Now

Your Litigation Strategy May Be Killing Your Client's Business

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