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"Little hinges swing big doors."

When a nationally recognized plaintiffs' law firm opened a Philadelphia office with two prominent lateral hires, the firm brought in Copo Strategies to announce the office's launch. We had to act fast because the firm was expecting a motion to be filed in one of its high-profile cases within days of the office officially opening. (This could have led to media reports about the motion referencing the new office in passing.) We secured favorable media coverage of the office's launch in standalone articles in a prominent national legal trade publication, the local Philadelphia legal trade publication, and the law firm's hometown local legal trade publication. We also helped publicize a favorable decision regarding that high-profile motion that was issued by the judge just a few days after the media reports about the office opening were published. That second round of publicity included favorable articles in an international business publication, two prominent national trade publications, and the local Philadelphia legal trade publication. Most importantly, through these two rounds of publicity, our law firm client was able to reinforce to its current and future clients and referral sources that it was a growing firm that secures favorable results for its clients in some of the largest and most complex lawsuits being litigated today in the United States.

Three highly accomplished and credentialed whistleblowers wanted to strategically engage the Court of Public Opinion in connection with their discrimination and retaliation lawsuit to be filed against a popular government official and his colleagues. We prepared the whistleblowers (and their attorneys) for the lawsuit filing by helping them frame the lawsuit using key messaging and themes likely to strike a chord with the media and the public. The press conference we held to announce the lawsuit filing was attended by 11 regional media outlets. The lawsuit filing was covered by 14 regional media outlets in total, along with numerous other media outlets outside of the region that republished various original press reports. The media coverage our clients obtained for the lawsuit through ethical, strategic, and proactive media outreach allowed them to frame the lawsuit and its allegations in a light most favorable to them—and most unfavorable to the defendants.

A national personal injury and civil rights law firm wanted to generate media interest (including through well-attended press conferences) for the high-profile cases that it files across the United States, including in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas. To date, and with our assistance, hundreds (yes, hundreds) of favorable news articles have been written about those cases, including articles in local daily newspapers and national news outlets, as well as segments on local television stations and cable networks. It is not unusual for the firm to receive inquiries from prospective clients after they have read news coverage of one of the firm's cases.

A Southern New Jersey education law firm wanted to engage previous and current clients, as well as previous and prospective referral sources, on a more frequent basis. We created and implemented an email newsletter program for the firm. The first edition of the newsletter resulted in a previous client retaining the firm for a new matter. Based on that one client’s first retainer payment for that new matter alone, that first issue of the firm’s email newsletter reaped about a 15x return on investment for our law firm client (and paid a few months’ worth of our fees!).

A Southern New Jersey personal injury law firm wanted to engage new referral sources. With our help, the law firm put into place a referral source outreach program. Within three weeks of the program's launch, the firm was referred a case by one of the referral sources we targeted. In addition, the engagement efforts were well-received by our targets, with a number of them agreeing to have discussions about referral relationships.

A Pennsylvania personal injury law firm wanted to generate and manage favorable media interest concerning one of its high-profile cases that involved a natural gas pipeline that runs through a residential area. We helped the firm generate favorable media coverage in local daily newspapers and a regional monthly magazine. The law firm credited media coverage of the case that was favorable to its clients for bringing the large corporate defendants to the settlement table and ultimately agreeing to settle the case. 

The former president of a prominent education institution was the subject of bad publicity concerning her departure from that institution. We helped her manage media interest and public interest in her departure by “flipping the script” so that subsequent media coverage in her local daily newspaper was favorable to her and unfavorable to the education institution. Our client was able to negotiate a favorable severance agreement soon after the media interest in her departure tapered off.

A Northern New Jersey education law firm wanted to secure favorable media coverage for its client’s high-profile case against a school district. We helped the firm secure such coverage from its client's local daily newspaper and a regional online-only media outlet.

A New York civil rights law firm wanted to shine a spotlight on its client's federal civil rights trial as it was happening. Our efforts resulted in over 17 favorable news articles in four different local newspapers over the course of the five-week trial. The trial resulted in a favorable jury verdict for our client’s client.

A Pennsylvania and New Jersey employment law firm wanted to get the word out about its clients’ cases. We helped the firm earn media coverage for its cases, including an “NBC Investigators” feature on its lawsuit alleging that certain parking garages and lots in Philadelphia did not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. That feature ran on the Philadelphia NBC affiliate’s 11 p.m. news broadcast.

The subject of a highly unflattering “viral” video needed help responding to the avalanche of media inquiries from around the world about the video. We told her side of the story and extinguished the media interest within a few days.

These prior results do not guarantee future outcomes. The results we achieve for our clients vary depending on the specific facts and circumstances of each client matter.

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