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There are only two kinds of lawyers and law firms.

Those who are active, effective marketers.

And those who are not.

Lawyers and law firms who are active and effective marketers are the lawyers and law firms who are never at a loss for client matters or revenue.


That is an enviable position to be in. We strive to put our clients in that position.

We help our clients generate revenue and bring new client matters in the door by developing ethical and proactive marketing strategies and tactics that are designed to actually generate revenue and bring new client matters in the door.*** Most of the time, those strategies and tactics will be directed toward current clients, prospective clients, referral sources, members of the media, and other drivers of new business for our clients.

We build our marketing programs around finding and engaging our clients' ideal clients and referral sourcesThe exact mix of strategies and tactics we deploy for our clients will vary depending on the nature of their practices and their firms. However, we tend to focus on strategies and tactics that allow our clients to build authority and credibility with audiences who will drive new business for them. Such strategies and tactics include:


  • Written content (including press releases, newsletters, website content, eBooks/free guides, bylined articles, and infographics)

  • Speaking engagements (including CLEs for other lawyers, and information presentations to prospective clients)

  • Media relations (including publicizing newsworthy developments at a law firm or with its matters)

  • Video content

  • Social media marketing

  • Direct response marketing

  • Relationship marketing with current clients (to ensure they have a "world class" experience while they are clients so that they become referral sources)

  • Relationship marketing with current and prospective referral sources

  • Award submissions

Having been founded by a lawyer with a public relations and marketing background, we pride ourselves on employing marketing fundamentals that have stood the test of time, while ignoring trends that are neither appropriate nor effective for lawyers and law firms.

*** These services are separate from our Court of Public Opinion services, so they may not be deemed to be legal services covered by the attorney-client privilege.

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