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 Not sure how to best tell

your firm's stories and your clients' stories to the world

in an ethical, strategic, and proactive manner?

Let us help you with complimentary

Personalized Communications Audit.

We guarantee this free audit will provide you with value.

If it doesn't, we will pay you for your time. 

You and your law firm have stories to tell the world about your clients and their legal disputes.

You and your firm also have stories to tell the world about the firm—about the good work it does for its clients and in the community.

You know how telling these stories can help your clients favorably resolve their cases and also help your firm bring more client matters in the door.

But you don't know exactly how best to tell these stories.


"Which cases should be pitched to reporters as newsworthy cases that deserve media coverage? How does my firm go about doing so?"

"How can my firm's case results be leveraged to bring in additional cases? How should they be described on my firm's website? In our newsletter?"

"What about the ethics rules? What about defamation?"


Let us help you tell your firm's and clients' stories to the world by providing you and/or a colleague a complimentary 60-minute Personalized Communications Audit.

During the audit, we will cover, among other things:

1) The stories you and your firm have been telling publicly to date (both about your firm and your clients);

2) Whom you and your firm have been telling these stories to;


3) The stories you and your firm haven't been telling but should be;


4) The three audiences you and your firm must be targeting with these efforts;


5) The two ethical rules that attorneys must be cognizant of when telling their firm's stories and their clients' stories publicly; and

6) The defamation trap most attorneys have no idea about but which can expose them, as a matter of law, to claims for defamation by their adversaries.

(Don't worry—our audits are conducted in a way to preserve attorney-client privilege and confidentiality.)

Our Personalized Communications Audit is a 60-minute conversation chock full of insights and tips that you and your colleagues can begin implementing immediately after the conversation ends to help your clients win their cases and help bring new client matters in the door. That's why the audit has a "sticker price" of between $500 and $1,000.

In other words, we are giving you insights and tips—for free—for which we would normally charge between $500 and $1,000.


But, because we just can't help ourselves, we are not going to stop there. 


We are so sure that you will receive value from this free audit that we GUARANTEE it.

If you do not receive value from the audit, we will pay you for your time.

That's not a typo. If, after participating in the audit, you do not believe that you received valuable insights and tips from it, we will write you a check for one hour of your time.

Think about that for a moment.


You are saving between $500 and $1,000 on a conversation that can help you become a more effective lawyer and marketer (and thus, a more successful lawyer and marketer).


AND, if you do not take away any value from the conversation you will be paid an hour's worth of your time.


This is an offer unlike any other that we are aware of in the legal or communications industry.


Maybe there is a reason for that.


Maybe the joke is on us.


Maybe we should insist that attorneys pay top dollar for our Personalized Communications Audit based on the value of the tips and insights we provide in the audit, and how those tips and insights could jumpstart a law firm's growth and subsequent profitability.


Maybe someday we will ask attorneys to pay top dollar for the audit.


Maybe as soon as next month.


But not today.

You and your firm have absolutely nothing to lose from participating in our Personalized Communications Audit.

You do, however, have everything to gain.